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Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Alexander Dee!

Alexander Dee, Mr Blues himself. This man is twice the man he used to be, mainly due to a sudden (or not so sudden) influx of calories!

Alex’s playing style has been likened to Leslie West, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Green and the late great Rory Gallagher.

His most favourite guitar in the world is his very own Flying V. Not a Gibson though! It is a custom-built 3/4 scale guitar made by Rabbit in 1971 in Kingston, Surrey.

It has humbuckers from a 1959 Les Paul and has the “best sound in the whole wide world” according to Mr Dee.

That guitar is currently being refurbished and will be making an appearance in the Autumn - however Alex is delighted to be using the next best thing - a British (Manchester) built Gordon Smith - it’s all in the solid mahogany Alex says - you get fantastic sustain!

For amplification Alex uses a very rare Musicman 130 watt 4 x 10 combo purchased brand new in the 70’s - “You see loads of Musicman amps, but a 4 x 10” speaker setup is something else!”.

Pictures on this page by Paul Puttock

Alexander Dee in concert - Eastbourne
Alexander Dee was the Guitarist of English Rogues on and off between 1979 and His untimely death in January 2003. He also maintained the website at that period of the "Rogues". This was his own page, and as a tribute to Alex we have left it exactly as it was, except for the removal of the out of date navigation bar.  REST IN PEACE ALEX !