Chase was born into a family heavily Influenced by music.
Every member of his family are musical in some form.
A mother who played Bass for many years and sang.  A father who played Piano and Hammond, and a sister who's become a vocalist and a Saxophonist.

But one Instrument that has stayed prominent in the family over the last 3 generations is the Drum Kit.
From a grand father who played jazz & Swing all his life.
To an uncle who played cruises and worked with many bands from the 60's onwards.
Now the magic has been past on to chase, the youngest musician of the family.

By the age of 14 he'd done his first gig and over time has now become a highly skilled drummer/vocalist with great listening skills, a vast vocabulary of fills, and an array of musical styles that he is very competent to play.
Over time Chase has acquired an amazing singing voice with the added capability of giving powerful backing vocal harmonies.

Chase is not just a drummer but a multi-talented Musician.
Although drumming is Chase's passion, he also loves to play Guitar and sing live.
He has also been known to play Bass guitar with bands and on recordings play:  Piano, Harmonica & Percussion.

Chase's previous band before joining English Rogues was
The V12 Soul Band.

Chase has had many Influences over the years.
His main Influences and favourite drummers are:

Steve Gadd
Stewart Copeland - "The Police"
Scott Underwood - "Train"
Travis Barker - "Blink182"
Zachary Wayne Farro - "Paramore"
Dave Weckl

Chase is currently involved with several other projects but from time to time may stand in for an English Rogues gig.

Chase can also be found on myspace










Chase's Kit

 DW Collectors Series in Maple with Broken Glass covering.
22" Bass Drum with integrated Bass-drum Microphone.
8x7", 10x8", 12x9", 14x11" Mounted Toms & 16x14" Floor Tom.
13x7" Snare
DW9000 Series Hardware and Double Pedals.

LP Cowbell

20" Zildjian K Ride
14" Zildjian A Custom Hi-Hats
8" Zildjian Splash
 Istanbul "Alchemy" Series 16" & 18" Crashes with a 17" China

Sure SM58 Vocal Microphone

"Vic Firth" Sticks (5B Hickory Wooden Tipped American Classics)

"Hardcase"(s) for all items

Not all of this equipment is used at every show.  Only what is needed for that particular gig will be used.

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