Dan Murphy

Dan first met Gerry at a jam in Greenwich, where they played some blues with Guitarist/Vocalist Mike Panos. From then on, Dan showed up at Gerry and Chase's jams on a regular basis.

It soon became clear from the ease at which he was able to interact with Richard and Gerry, that if ever the band needed a new guitar player, Dan would be the man for the job.


Since joining the band in September 2009, he has been given an extremely enthusiastic reception at every gig. Dan completes what is without a doubt a classis Rogues line up.

Dans principal stage guitar is a Gibson Les Paul, but he also uses Rally guitars fitted with Mightymite pickups. He uses Laney amplification.




Dan's equipment is comprised of:


  • Gibson Les Paul.

  • Laney Amplification.

  • "SM58" Vocal Microphone.






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