Gerry Sherwin is not only the the lead vocalist and bass player of the band but he is also the Founder of "English Rogues".

Gerry's first serious gigging band was "Refugee" with Paul Samson on guitar.

In the mid 70's Gerry formed "Hotline" with Dave Colwell on guitar and Pete Jupp on drums. 

This band was the forunner of "English Rogues".


The band has toured not only the UK but EUROPE supporting top acts over the years.



Before and after forming the "English Rogues" Gerry played/continued to perform with various other bands.

Bands that he was involved with Include:



Gerry Sherwin is a professional musician and has dedicated his life to music.

As soon as he was old enough and had come of age he was out there gigging and on the road.

He has worked with many names within the business and the band has been the support act for many top bands of today & yesterday.

Gerry has shared stages with names such as:


  • Thin Lizzy.
  • Manfred Mann's Earthband.
  • Garry Moore.
  • Ian Gillan's Band Gillan.
  • Supertramp.
  • Dr Feelgood.
  • Katrina & The Waves.
  • Saxon.
  • UFO.
  • Twisted Sister.
  • Samson.
  • Groundhogs.
  • Argent.
  • Budgie.  
  • Girlschool.
  • Steve Marriott and Many more.

Gerry has spent all of his life acquiring his own unique sound,

vocally and through his bass playing.  Gerry has had many influences over the years. Influences, favourite singers & bands include:


  • Paul Rodgers
  • Bob Seger
  • Otis Redding
  • Rod Stewart & Steve Marriott of "The Faces / Small Faces"

Gerry's equipment comprises of:


  • Rickenbacker Bass.
  • Acoustic Bass Amplifier and Fender Cab.
  • Sure SM58 Vocal Microphone.




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