Rob first got to know Gerry back in about 1977, when he was in Hotline, and playing in his local area, although he had seen him in Refugee back in about 1973.
As well as working as roadie with various local (North West Kent) bands, Rob was part of the stage crew at the legendary Gravesend Red Lion. In about 1980, Gerry asked Rob to help him out with a gig at Birmingham Odeon, supporting Budgie. This was probably the largest gig that Rob had done at the time, and he learnt a valuable lesson at this show - Never put drinks on top of amplifiers !

From about late 1980, Rob was roadie, sound engineer, tour manager, lighting engineer, mechanic, booker, firms cat etc for English Rogues, which at the time featured Alexander Dee on Guitar and Pete Martin on Drums, along with Gerry.
They were playing probably 5 gigs a week on average, in places as far apart as Folkestone, Andover, Milton Keynes and, of course, Chiddingly.  Rob was also holding down a day job.  Pete Martin left and was replaced by Roy Reed.  Alex came and went a few times and was replaced by Mick McCormack and Joe Wearen amongst others.  As well as working with The Rogues and the day job, Rob managed to fit in one-offs and tours with the likes of
Thunderstick, the Q Tips, Paul Samson and John McCoy, Sledgehammer (also with Gerry) and the Ya-Yas.. In about 1984,  Rob became the English Rogues Drummer, and left in 1986 due to family commitments .

Rob stayed in touch with Gerry and filled in on odd gigs as drummer or soundman over the years.  Between then and now Rob has worked with bands and venues large and small in the UK, Europe and Japan. Rob was roadie/tour manager for the much missed Paul Samson from the early 90’s until his untimely death in 2002, and they toured the UK, Europe and Japan.  Since about 2000 Rob has carried out the same function for
Bernie Torme', and also assisted him relocate his recording studio in Kent.  Around 1999-2000 Rob did 3 UK tours as backline tech/tour manager with American blues supremo Jimmy Dillon.  On top of all this, Rob has run websites for Paul Samson and Thunderstick.

Rob has been named as Creative Controller for the Paul Samson estate, which has involved sleeve design and notes for two cd's ( a Samson compilation called "Tomorrow and Yesterday", which he also compiled, edited and remastered, and the posthumous release of his final recordings, called "P.S...." {both on AngelAir}).

Between 2005 and 2013 Rob was  road manager/tech for Guy, McCoy,Torme, featuring legends Bernie Torme and John McCoy, along with powerhouse drummer Robin Guy, as well as doing sound on occasional Rogues gigs. You can find him on Myspace

Over the years Rob has still been involved with the band whether it be through keeping the website up-to-date or helping with recording the band live. Rob is still a huge asset to the band!!

Rob still jokes "If I ever get to write a book about my time in the music industry , you can rest assured that my apprenticeship with Gerry and English Rogues will play a very important part in it". Top guy!






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