Tony Tuohy is a long time connected member of the band.
A friend, a drummer and an important part of history for the "English Rogues". 
We caught up with him for an interview to get some information on him and some background knowledge of his time during the "English Rogues".

This is what he had to say.

I started drumming in 1980 (age 18). A few years later I started playing with club/pub bands mostly playing
r ‘n’ b and gradually building my technique and knowledge in various styles of playing.
 Then in 1984 I moved into another musical genre joining "Body, Heart & Soul" a sixties Soul/Motown band fronted by superb vocalist Les Walker (ex Warm Dust, Tiger – Who had successful albums on EMI in the seventies).
A couple more blues/soul bands followed before joining "Cookin’ Tonite" in 1987 with Les again and Charlie Whitney (founder member with Roger Chapman of renowned band "Family").
Finding myself at a loose end in March 1989 I checked out the ‘Musicians Wanted’ ads in Melody Maker and answered the appealingly brief  ‘Blues Rock trio require drummer’. This was English Rogues. Gerry threw me straight into a gigging schedule I had previously only dreamt of – the band were doing about 15-16 gigs every month across the south-east.

By June 1989 Gerry was looking for a new guitarist and asked his old mate Paul Samson to stand in for a couple weeks. That couple of weeks turned into a couple of years as Paul found we gelled so well as a power-trio rock band that he put his own line-up on pause for the time being. Samson had been leaning towards the ‘curly-perm, tight spandex, big keyboards’ type of rock that was so prevalent at the time. Paul enjoyed our back-to-basics straightforward rock ‘n’ roll sound which was refreshing to him!
 We embarked on a very busy schedule, including a number of tours in Europe, especially playing and recording in Germany .

After a while the "Rogues" took a short break.  I continued in Samson until 1994, appearing on a couple of Samson albums and playing an incredible number of gigs up and down the country and abroad (over 200 gigs in 1993!). I finally left when almost living in a white van on motorways started to lose its appeal!

I returned to playing in a couple of pub rock bands ("Saucy Jack" and "Faith Healer") as well as doing occasional dep gigs for Paul (who sadly passed away in 2002) and another (part-time) stint in English Rogues with Gerry and Alex, and then Mick after Alex’s untimely passing in 2003.

Things were generally quiet after that until getting a call to play for The V12 Soul band in 2006, as ex-V12 drummer Chase Aitch had joined my old mates in English Rogues!



Tony's Drum Kit is comprised of:

Standard set-up Pearl Export kit:

 22” bass,
12” and 13” top toms,
16” floor tom,
5.5” deep chrome snare,
Tama Kingbeat bass pedal with wooden beater and click pad.



Paiste 20” ride,
2 Zildjian 16” crashes,
Zildjian 18” crash,
Sabian hi-hats.



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